We are approved providers for many regional health insurance companies and managed care programs. We typically bill those insurance companies on our clients’ behalf. If you are a member of a managed care program with which we participate, an insurance authorization often must be secured before your first visit. We need your insurance plan name and your identification number when you schedule your first appointment. At each visit, you will make your co-payment, and we will submit a request for payment to your insurer. In the event your insurer does not cover services provided, you will be responsible for those costs, including any deductible which may apply.

If we do not have a contract with your insurance company, you will pay the full fee at each visit, and we will provide you with a form to use to be reimbursed by your insurer. It is your responsibility, however, to provide payment to us and recoup any reimbursement from your insurance company. We generally do not bill insurance companies directly unless we are participating providers. Please discuss any special insurance issues with our office staff.