Brad Carmichael, MS.Ed, LPC, NCC

Brad Carmichael in front of a screenBrad Carmichael is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Board Certified Counselor. Brad received his B.S. in Psychology with a minor in Religion from Central Michigan University. He went on to earn his MS.Ed in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Old Dominion University. During his graduate training he worked as a community-based counselor and eventually went on to serve as the director of a Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program for individuals diagnosed with severe mental illness and substance use disorders.  He also worked as a couples therapist on a clinical trial funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. During his post-graduate residency he was an outpatient counselor in a community mental health agency and private practice where he worked with diverse client populations including individuals, adolescents, groups, and couples. His interests include working with individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, developmental transitions, relationship difficulties, substance abuse, and severe mental illness, and couples struggling with communication, intimacy, trust, addiction, and infidelity. In counseling he uses a blend of humanistic and psychodynamic therapies adapted to accommodate each client individually.